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Send in the Clowns (accompanied by Ms. LuAnn Lane)
from Act II, Scene II of the American musical, A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim      Libretto:  Hugh Wheeler

  • Role: Desirée Amfeldt, Self-absorbed, once-successful actress, now touring the country-side in what is clearly not the “glamorous life”
  • Voice Part: Alto
  • Setting: The Armfeldt country home; somewhere in the garden.
  • Synopsis: Desirée meets Fredrik, her one time lover, and asks if he still wants to be “rescued” from his life, a bad marriage to a teenager, who rejects him. Fredrik answers honestly that he loves Desirée, but only as a dream. Hurt and bitter, Desirée can only reflect on the nature of her life.
 (The translations/lyrics of this song have been provided in the PROGRAM in .pdf format)

PROGRAM (Auditions Concert)