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He Was Despised, No. 23(excerpt)+ (accompanied by Ms. LuAnn Lane) (DEBUT)
from Part II, “Scene 1” of the English –Language oratio, Messiah by George Frederick Handel Scriptural Text Compilation: Charles Jennens; KJV Bible and Book of Common Prayer

  • Role: Alto, one of four soloists
  • Voice Part: alto
  • Setting:  Christ’s Passion and His Death
  • Synopsis: follows the opening chorus, “Behold the Lamb of God,” the alto solo “He was despised” is in E flat minor, the longest single item in the oratorio, in which some phrases are sung unaccompanied to emphasize Christ’s abandonment. Described as “the highest idea of excellence in pathetic expression of any English song.”
  •  Inspiration:  Isaiah 53:3


 (The translations/lyrics of this song have been provided in the PROGRAM in .pdf format)

PROGRAM (Auditions Concert)