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Jenness Rouse plays the role of Becca C. Johnson, the quirky, bubbly, articulate, aspiring authoress turned Nurse Assistant, whose dreams of becoming a best-selling novelist are perpetually put on hold, due to her duties as an NA in her Dad’s Medical Clinic, Qwiklab. BIO: Jenness is a Native West Texan, professional opera/B’dway singer turned show producer, who is in this industry “to have fun.” She is known for her roles as Laurey (OKLAHOMA!), Marian the Librarian (THE MUSIC MAN!), and, her personal favorite, she was THE “Viking Girl” for the NFL Minnesota Vikings for both the Season AND Superbowl Commercial Campaigns (Pepsi/FritoLay), where she graced billboards in NYC Time Square, and a “life-size” version of her was displayed in grocery stores across the country. Scary cool.


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