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BEHIND THE LENS Podcast, hosted by Debbie Lynn Elias, interviews Jenness Rouse for a third time, this time to discuss the OVERWHELMINGLY successful Comedic Parody Web Series, The Shannon O’Brian Chronicles! Quoting The #BTLRadioShow

Post: “… the incredibly talented JENNESS ROUSE is back for her third visit to #BTLRadioShow, and boy does Jenness have a lot to talk about thanks to her award-winning improv web series of shorts – THE SHANNON O’BRIAN CHRONICLES. If you haven’t watched this series, you need to. Now! Jenness as her alter ego Shannon O’Brian is HILARIOUS. Listen as Jenness tells us how the flu and a tube of neon pink lipstick led her to Shannon and how that turned into a global festival love fest for the web series, the character, and for Jenness as creator, director, performer. Energetic and effervescent as always, a fun time will be had by all with Jenness around!” – Behind the Lens Online

While Behind The Lens and the host radio station,, have posted the full hour show (which includes a second interview with documentary filmmaker, GREG BASSENIAN about his new film, MIRACLE IN THE DESERT) on their respective sites, Jenness has edited this “SPECIAL 30 MIN. ‘SHANNON’ EDITION” of her segment, in which she includes photos, footage, and subtext to every point made in her interview, making the viewing (and listening) an entertaining and enlightening experience for Shannon Enthusiasts. Enjoy this Special “Behind the Lens” look into the World of Shannon O’Brian from the mind of Jenness Rouse!

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