“‘If life gives you lemons; make lemonade.’ It’s a popular saying; and it’s meant to inspire us to move past the hardships we face, and help us ‘get over’ our hurts and pain.

But there’s one problem. Even with lemons, you can’t make lemonade unless you have…the recipe. ‘Nessey’s Recipes’ (abbreviated title: (C) 2012), brings you the recipes for life and health that take the bitterest of fruits and transform them into the most delectable encouragements and victuals that will help you persevere through pain and frustration. But this book is more than a mere inspirational book – it’s a 21-Day devotional COOKbook packed with shockingly delicious Yeast-Free recipes, all beautifully photographed and illustrated to accompany each soul-inspiring daily devotional that grant you the courage to make your proverbial lemonade, all while delighting your taste buds and invigorating your health along the way.”

(Pictured: Carrot Pie with Almondy Crust; Photograph by: Benjamin Blacketter (Benjamin Blackketter Photography)

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