In March of 2019, Jenness was in the process of deliberation for her year’s professional goals, projects, and strategies when she came down with the “late sprung” flu outbreak, much to her surprise, who had avoided the flu for over a decade!

Not to be outdone, during the flu’s peak complete with a high fever of 101-102F, Jenness fought back and out of the misery … SHANNON O’BRIAN WAS BORN! This little “Rainbow Brite -Inspired,” “Gum-Chewin’,” “Texas Jabberin’,” “Blonde-Babblin’,” “Unicorn-Lovin'” Alter-ego from the fictional town of “Kyler” Texas (not to be confused with “Tyler” Texas) came bursting onto the scene with all the laughs and giggles she could muster.


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