After a Month Hiatus to allow for the BoC World Premiere, Jenness returned to the stage in July with the RMPConcert: July “It’s Time! Times & Seasons”.  July’s RMPConcert was a completely renovated concert focusing primarily on the music and the stories that accompany them. Jenness, in her usual charismatic way, engaged the audience in a tale of Four Seasons, taking them through the journey of a Tree and it’s changing colored leaves: from the bright joyful green of Spring, to the rich maturity green of Summer, to the vibrant Reds and Oranges of the Dying Leaves of Fall, ending with the Rest and Renewal of the Winter Chill to begin all over again in a new Spring.

Musical Numbers ranged from Enya Celtic, to Classical, Broadway, and Soft Rock, featuring Harp, Mandolin, and a Full Band. Presented by Rising Monarch Prods. Located at the Hudson Theatres: Backstage Theatre (Hollywood, CA).

HOST: Jenness Rouse (Singer)
FEATURED GUEST: Maïwenn Ekoué (Harp)
RMPCONCERT BAND: ScottyV (Strings, Vocals); Andrew Butler (Bass, Vocals); Brad Watson (Keys); Bobby McBride (Percussion)

Highlight Video is Available below: