A New Adventure was formed when Jenness’s friend and past singing partner, Stephen Velasquez, decided to make a quick trip from NYC to LA, to visit the city and his LA friends. Hoping to create the opportunity to sing with Stephen again “for fun,” Jenness recruited her fellow LA actress, Lara Ingraham, to join in on the venture to see what they could create. What began as a “fun idea” blossomed into a full on show of Pop/B’dway/and Classical numbers complimented by hilarious scenes and sketches akin to any SNL comedy program!
It first premiered February 11, 2017 in a local Coffee Bean Franchise Store, under the name the “CBTLConcerts” where Rising Monarch Prods., LLC (Jenness’s Production Company), partnered with the host venue and the result was a fun “concert” type show. However, with the feedback and momentum the first show generated, Jenness began reviewing her options as to how to make the Concerts continue, and a second concert was created by Jenness and returning Guest CoHost, Lara Ingraham, called CBTLConcerts “TAKE TWO! Laugh Sing Caffeine.”

After the March event, the Concert Show’s momentum was growing, but it had outgrown its coffeehouse venue. With much gratitude to her hosts at The Coffee Bean Franchise Store, Jenness bid farewell to the CBTLConcert, and leaped forward to a new venue, new time, and revised production under the new name the RMPConcerts, (Rising Monarch Productions Monthly Concerts).

Each Monthly RMPConcerts is a Live Show presented once a month on the second Saturday of each month, introducing a new theme, new performers, new songs, new sketches, and new presentations every show. Sponsored by Rising Monarch Prods., it is an extravagant entertaining program that all can enjoy!

This Section is dedicated to highlights of the shows, produced by Rising Monarch Productions, to showcase the talents of Jenness’s friends and associates.