Toward the end of 2019, Jenness began to feel that “tug” to once again get on the stage and create a fulfilling show of story, music, and inspiration. Reaching out to a recent contact in the LA Music Industry, Sky Miles, Jenness and Sky came up with a new strategy for the “facelifted” version of the RMPConcerts. Following the format of the “It’s Time” Concert in Texas, Jenness and Sky through Rising Monarch Prods. would create a variety type show that would include music, special featured guests from Stand-Up Comics to R&B Artists, and create a show that would raise awareness and/or funds for a local community charity.

The Concerts began with “Friendsmas,” a Christmas Concert performed at the Stella Adler Theater in the center of Hollywood, CA, with proceeds being sent to a local charity that organized a Christmas Feast for the Homeless on Skidrow Christmas Day. The Concert was a surprise hit, launching a new era of concerts for Jenness’s career.

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