So Who IS Jenness Rouse? In her own words:


~”I am a Creative Communications’ Artist!”~


Jenness describes herself as a “Creative Communications’ Artist,” because she is a “Jack (or Jacqueline?) of all Trades” when it comes to the world of creatively communicating. Whether by writing, singing, acting, speaking, teaching, filming, dancing. You name it? She probably  does it. The following is a concerted list of the activities she is currently pursuing:

ENTREPRENEUR: Jenness is the founder and creator of the RisingMonarch Brand. She is currently developing each of the RMP Branches utilizing her gifts in each of the areas: RisingMonarch Prods, RMPFilm (Media), RMPConcerts (Live Shows), RMPTalks (Seminars/Classes), RisingMonarch Press (Publications), and RMP Products (coming soon – RMP logo paraphernalia, DVDs, books, etc. ).

PRODUCER: Jenness is the Executive Producer of RISING MONARCH PRODUCTIONS, LLC, a new company, best known for film projects, like the TV Pilot, Becca on Call, and the Live Concert Showcase, RMPConcerts.

ACTRESS/SINGER: Jenness is a film, television, and stage actress, with a wide array of work experience from musicals and operas to the silver screen. As an actress, she is well-versed in both comedic and dramatic disciplines. As a singer, she is classically trained as a lyric-mezzo, and has branched out into contemporary and Broadway performance as an alto/belter. She is currently showcased at the monthly RMPConcerts.

WRITER: Jenness is a prolific writer, with publications in blogs, ghostwriting jobs, and several smaller publication projects. She published her first book, an inspirational cookbook: Nessipees: Nessey’s Recipes for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Wholeness, in NYC, which includes devotional self-help articles and original recipes. She is also an LA Screenplay and Screenwriter, her most recent work being produced into a Television Pilot, Becca On Call

SPEAKER: Jenness is an animated and “delightful” motivational speaker, who shares both an entertaining and powerfully inspirational message of hope, vulnerability, and encouragement that equips her audiences with “heart ammo” to go after their dreams DESPITE adversity. An overcomer of incredible adversity in her own right, (see Jenness’s Story), Jenness speaks from her personal experiences, and how she daily makes a choice to “believe” in “Fairy Tale Endings,” no matter what the day brings.

HEALER: Jenness holds several certifications specializing in multiple areas of inner emotional healing. She is an Advanced Certified Specialist in The Grief Recovery Method via The Grief Recovery Institute,  an Advanced Certified Behavioral Analyst and Personality Profiler of The DiSC Assessment via of the accredited PeopleKeys & Institute of Motivational Living, a Certified Life Coach with The John Maxwell Team, a (soon to be Advanced) Certified Facilitator of the Mashah Emotional/Inner Healing Method, and has received over 300 hours of additional accredited seminar training (not listed above) that delves into more specialized areas of emotional healing, such as multiple facets of abuse, mental trauma, among others. While Jenness no longer actively works with new clientele, focusing her time and resources on her entertainment exploits, her passion for bringing encouragement and healing to the world around her is often evidenced by the subject matter and/or “culture” of her work as an artist. 

You can follow her progress on Twitter @JennessRouse; FB @RMPConcerts or @RisingMonarch or on IMDb.Com. You can also read her BIO, located on a separate page.

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