Jenness’s Story …

In the RMPConcert “APRIL”: “HAPPY EASTER: Faith & Bunny Foo-Foo (Believing in Fairy Tales)” Jenness shared, for the first time publicly, her personal story about her 14year fight against Lyme Disease and its detrimental effects when incorrectly treated at its onset. The Story was Separated into 2 parts and is included below.

PERSONAL STORY (Part 1)“Flicker of a Moment (When Faith Fails)” – Jenness’s 14 year fight for the “Impossible” Happy Ending.

PERSONAL STORY (Part 2): “A Fight Worth Fighting!” – Jenness’s “Update” and her rising into her “Impossible Dream” and a New Beginning.

Given at the RMPConcert: April 2017 ~Happy Easter!~ “Faith & Bunny Foo-Foo: Believing in Fairy Tales”
During Segments 3 & 4 : “Fight For Faith: When Fairy Tales Fail” & “Faith to Fight (For Fairy Tales)”