BTFP: An Auditions’ Concert

When Jenness originally launched her musical career, she was a lyric mezzo. The following videos are from her operatic concert she gave in a “send-off” performance just before her move to NYC. The “An Auditions Concert” was performed at the Jack Rodgers Auditorium of the Odessa College Campus, Thursday, August 4, 2011. Jenness coordinated, performed, and emceed the entire event, accompanied by Ms. Gayle Bizzell and Ms. LuAnn Lane on the piano. The concert was separated into 3 Acts, 3 songs each, of classical arias, Broadway numbers, and oratorio pieces, with musical interludes (piano duets) by the pianists, resulting in a very entertaining evening of music.

Filmography by: Mr. Sean Stringer (of G12 Productions), assisted by Mr. Adam Reed.

Sound by: Mr. Josh Hoose.

Each video has been uploaded into a Series, which can be accessed via the individual links on this page or located on the tabs to the right →

 Underline/Bold/Blue = Hyperlink
* = Audition Piece
+ = Possible Audition or Performance piece
Unmarked = Song of Sentimental value.
(DEBUT) = Jenness’s first public performance of the piece.

1) Una voce poco fa*  (video unavailable)

2) Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio* (DEBUT)

3) Va! laisse couler mes larmes* (DEBUT)

{MUSICAL INTERLUDE: Hungarian Dances: by Ms. Gayle Bizzell & Ms. LuAnn Lane}


4) Send in the Clowns 

5) Ich lade gern mir Gäste ein* (DEBUT)

6) Mes longs cheveux* (DEBUT)

{MUSICAL INTERLUDE: Slavonic Dances: by Ms. Gayle Bizzell & Ms. LuAnn Lane}


7) He Was Despised, No. 23(excerpt)+  (DEBUT)

8 ) Sein wir wieder gut* (DEBUT)

9) Goodnight, My Someone 


Jack Rodgers Auditorium, Odessa College Campus

Odessa, Texas

August 2011