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Productions’ Consultant Service

Productions’ Consultant Service

Under the Rising Monarch Prods. Umbrella, Jenness acts as a Productions’ Consultant on a variety of projects, ranging from film and television, to music, stage, and even nonprofit live events. In short, any project that has stalled and needs a “momentum shift,” is the kind of project Jenness and Rising Monarch were “made for.”  If a project has lost momentum, Jenness acts as the “breaker” to help the organizer and/or creators of a particular project find and recreate that momentum by creating a Game Plan for forward motion. Jenness’s involvement ranges in three different levels:

I. Introductory Consultant: (“Offensive Coordinator”):  The initial meeting for brainstorming to kick-start momentum and establish a Game Plan for Client to implement.

II. Mentoring Consultant: (“Sidelines Coach”):  Follow-up meetings to nurture the Game Plan; as well as acting as a “Sidelines Coach” as the Game Plan is implemented. Jenness’s personal involvement is limited to a more “Hands Off” Approach until project’s completion; (Game-Plan Initiatives are taken by Client).

III. Executive Consultant: (“Quarterbacking” the Game Plan):  The most “Hands’ On” Approach, in which Jenness’s involvement is throughout, taking initiative as needed and walking out  the Game Plan alongside the Client until the project is complete.

While Jenness’s Productions’ Consultant Services are currently referral only, this is a service she will eventually incorporate under her completed business model in the not so distance future. For interested parties, please follow the updates of Rising Monarch on the Rising Monarch Productions’ Facebook Page, as well as any updates that may be posted on this website.

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