RMPConcerts’ Promos!

RMPConcerts’ Promos!

Jenness’s Promo Videos for her FB Pages are from her personal “editing” studio.

Check out a list of the promos (note: sometimes there were two versions of each promo video, an abbreviated version sent to radio stations and other campaign spots, and a longer version posted on the actual RMPConcerts FB Page. The longer videos are included here):

RMPConcerts: AUGUST ENCORE: Times & Seasons II Promo! (Jenness as HOST with Featured Guests: Sonates en Duo: Willy & Maïwenn Ekoué):



RMPConcerts: JULY Times & Seasons Promo! (Jenness as HOST with Featured Guest: Maïwenn Ekoué):



RMPConcerts: MAY Memorial Day Promo! (Jenness as HOST with Guest CoHosts: Rahul Nath & John Haegele):




RMPConcerts: APRIL Easter Promo! (Jenness as HOST with Guest CoHosts: Chip Wigely & Rahul Nath):


RMPConcerts (Formerly CBTLConcerts): March 11th – St. Patty’s Day! (CoHost Jenness with Guest CoHost Lara Ingraham).

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