JENNESS Music Demo is HERE!

It’s HERE! Our First “Demo” from our Recent Music Video Session! Take a look at this 90sec “Sneak Peek” into our new Jazz Ensemble and stay tuned for the full clips, to be uploaded in the days to come 

MUCHO Credit is due to our FABULOUS Team! Auspicious Phoenix Productions filmed an absolute work of ART! Our sound is pristine thanks to King Of The Kitchen Music LLC‘s Skyler Miles. And our setting at The Audio Club (@theaudioclub – IG), couldn’t have been more perfect! We looked GAWJOUS, thanks to Lily Von Isenberg, and we ARE great thanks to my teammates, Willy and Maiwenn!

We’ve got it rolling now! Be sure to Follow us:
Facebook: @JennessMusic | Instagram: @JennessMusic | Youtube: @AboutJenness (click on JennessMusic Playlist)

Music Video Credits:
Produced by: Jenness Rouse
Filmed by: Auspicious Phoenix Productions
( | FB&Instgm: @AuspiciousPhoenix)
Sound Engineer: Skyler Miles
( | Instgm: @kingofthekitchenmusic)
Site Location: The Audio Club (Recording Studio)
( | FB&Instgm: @TheAudioClub)

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