Nessey Tip: Flu? Prevent and Pulverize It!



IT IS FLU SEASON! And as many have discovered, flu shots aren’t always a “sure shot” when it comes to preventing that nasty beast. In this Nessey Tip – Jenness gives her “secrets” to killing and keeping clear of the flu that she has used throughout her professional career that not only prevent infection, but KILLS it within 3-4 days of its onset.

PREVENT: I’m Surrounded! What Do I Do?

1) Neosporin (inside nostrils) – it’s weird, but Neosporin is an antibiotic, and if you use a cotton swap and dab a little Neosporin around the outer edges and within the inner edges of your nostrils,  it will act as a “wall” against breathing in cold/flu germs (I got this tip from an ER nurse).
2) Hand Sanitizer/Wash Hands OFTEN – I know. That’s a “Mommy-Naggy-Given,” but it’s a must, because hands to mouth, nose, and even eyes, are the transfer culprits. And you know those restaurant menus? Be sure you use sanitizer AFTER you return them to the server because you’re about to eat chips, bread, etc., and those menus aren’t necessarily very clean.
3) Airborne – you can get this ANYWHERE, it comes in all flavors, and it has a TON of Vitamin C, Zinc, and other Vitamins that boost immune system. This is ESPECIALLY important for Teachers, Students, and Airline “Frequent Flyers” and was actually CREATED by a teacher who was “sick ‘n tired” of being “sick ‘n tired.”
4) WATER (3-4 Liters): ABOVE ALL Drink lots and lots and LOTS of water – 3-4 LITERS a day. Not the typical “6-8 (8oz) glasses” of water -that doesn’t flush your system AT ALL, especially if you’re drinking caffeine. You kinda gotta overdo it when there’s a Flu Beast on the loose.
5) SUGAR FAST/CUT-BACK: Did you know the reason people get sick in Winter isn’t because it’s when the viruses “come out of hiding”? Not at all! It’s because our immune systems have been compromised by us not being in the Sun (Vitamin D3 is a natural immune booster) as much AS WELL AS our consumption of ALL THAT Sugar and Carbs (which are natural immune SUPPRESSORS) over the Holidays. So come January – we’re ripe for the picking for them buggers. As for sugar, it’s not saying “NIX” sugar altogether – just reduce it (that includes those lattes and cocktails too).


PULVERIZE: I’ve Got It. NOW What?

So you caught it. Do you have to suffer for 2 weeks? No! If you start feeling symptoms – you can be back on your feet within 72hours. These are things I have taken that have averted “disaster” (the show must go on, right?) when I came down with the flu:
1) Vitamin D3 – 5000ius* – I take 10 per Day (total 50,000 ius) for 3 days ONLY at onset of symptoms and then back down to 1 a day afterwards – it’s a lot but it surges your immune system to “crisis intervention” (like being in the sun for 3 full days). (Part of Viral Supplement Regimen Included below)
2) Oreganol (Oil of Oregano) P73 – it is an antiviral oil that you can use for ANY throat infection and it kills on contact:. You do a couple of drops DIRECTLY on the throat: if it burns like CRAZY it means it’s working. Do every 3hours.
3) Salt Water – gargling warm salt water is also an “on contact” killer like the Oreganol and I alternate Oreganol and Salt Water every 2-3hrs. (Example: Do Oreganol at 8am, do salt water at 10am, Oreganol at 11am, salt water at 1pm, Oreganol at 2pm, etc).
4) Zicam – comes in tablets and nasal swabs I think – use as directed.
5) Tamiflu -It works best if you take it within first 24-48hours, Requires a Dr.’s Rx.
6) WATER (3-4 Liters): YES Water AGAIN! Just as important if not MORE so while you’re sick to flush the lymph system.
7) LAUGHTER: Oh yes – laughter really changes things. Did you know there is scientific/neurological evidence that laughter and positive words, “I’m getting better” actually alter your biological cellular chemistry? No Joke! That proverb, “Laughter is Good Medicine” is actually a scientific law! So grab those kitty videos, Monty Pythons, or SNL archives and start the giggle fest!  And you can start by watching the video below:



  ~That’s it for the Nessey Tip!~


*FULL 7-10DAY Supplement Regimen:
+Supplement Regimen: While the tips above are primary – this is the complete regimen I do when taking the Vitamin D3 until the symptoms completely clear. I use this with Colds, Flu, Throat Infections, and Sinus Infections, and you will literally feel better with 24hrs.
a) Vitamin D3 5000 ius: Take 10 of these (total 50,000 ius) for 3 days, then back down to 1per day,
a) Echinacea (Purpurea) 400mg capsule – 3xday for 7-10days
b) Olive Leaf 400mg capsule- 3xday for 7-10days
c) Astragalus (1gram) cap: 4-7gram per day for 7-10days
d) Vitamin C (1gram) capsule: 3 x day (daily)

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