BoC’s World Premiere has been Announced!

dwf20-logoBecca on Call was just selected to be screened at the 20th Annual Dances with Films Film Festival in Hollywood! Dances with Films showcases the rising stars of the industry, and, in their own statement, “Defies the Rules” when it comes to selecting their screeners.

“Dances With Films, now in its 20th year, champions the unflinching spirit at the very core of the independent film scene. While the vast majority of film fests rely heavily on celebrity, we have relied on the innovation, talent, creativity and sweat equity that revolutionized the entertainment industry. And that reliance continues to prove successful with alumni moving on to write, direct and produce celebrity-studded vehicles, star in blockbuster movies and television series, produce multi-million dollar films and create hit TV shows. Oh…. and we even have several OSCAR® nominees… In a world of homogenized, formulaic film festivals, DWF continues to defy the rules. “- Quote from DWF Homepage.

The 20th Annual Festival is set to premiere June 1-11 in the famous Chinese Theater Downtown Hollywod! Stay tuned for times, trailers, and the premiere of the BoC Facebook Page, which will launch in the days leading to the Screening. ARE WE EXCITED BOC?!!

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