Nessey’s Nuts SAMPLES!

Jenness will be selling Nessey’s Nuts Samples from Nessipees!

In upcoming Speaking Events (to be announced), Jenness will host a book table where she will be selling not only copies of her inspirational cookbook, Nessipees, but also sample bags of the book’s most popular recipe(s): “Nessey’s Nuts”! 4oz packages of both flavors, the delectable Sweet Holiday-esque  Nessey’s Nuts: Sugar ‘N Spice as well as that Savory Cowboy Kick of  Nessey’s Nuts: Texas Spice, will be for sale, and she will also have “Taste Samples” out  for the curious and the hungry fan alike to try! Stay tuned to find out when and where Jenness will be, and come enjoy the fun of Nessey’s Nessipees!

(“Nessey’s Nuts: Sugar ‘N Spice” photograph by: Benjamin Blackketter (C) 2012)
(“Nessey’s Nuts: Texas Spice” photograph by: Benjamin Blackketter (C) 2012)


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