Twas a Hit!

Jenness’s talk at Trinity was a hit!

Jenness and the students at Trinity Upper School had a BLAST! The teens were electric as Jenness brought home the message of hope and excitement in the face of adversity in a fun and entertaining way! The Book Fair afterwards was a complete success for the authoress as parents and teachers, who had sat in on the talk, came and purchased her Nessipees book, cleaning out her entire display! Jenness has been invited to speak at additional assemblies, so stay tuned for future events! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures from her time at Trinity!

(Jenness “High-Fives” Trinity School Student for Participation in “Life Lemons” Presentation)

(Jenness gives “Life Lemons” Presentation to Trinity US Students)

(Students help Jenness come up with “Lemony” Scenarios)

(Jenness was given a table at the Trinity School Book Fair to sign copies of her Nessipees Book)

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